Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paisley, Safari Party!

Spring is in full bloom in NYC and we're loving every single day of it so of course. We know, its been a while but we're back. A LOT has been going on and we're glad that all of you have stuck by us through our mini-hiatus. BTW, if you haven't already, you can also follow our fitness blog. LaMaisonFit, if you have been following us on IG, you would know how important health & fitness is to us.
You know we love a good blazer but the safari look will never go out of style. Whether its a dress, a top or a jacket, safari can be worn year round, so chic! Also, don't underestimate denim, there are so many prints and washes now that can work for day or night! Jeke is wearing Calvin Klein safari jacket, ivory tank, H&M leggings and red wedges. Jeka is wearing white vintage blazer (also seen in this post), Old Navy white tank, Forever 21 paisley jeans and Merona via Target black wedges. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

City Life

Hi Lovelies!

I had to gather some things for my trip to Puerto Rico next week! I am so excited but I'll be without my other half *sobs*. One of the things I hate about trips is packing! I don't know if I am taking enough options or if I am taking too much! I'm sure most of you have had this problem before. We had a busy day shopping and having brunch as per usual, haha.  Because of everyday is our runway, we could run errands without style. We believe that unless you are heading to gym or gardening, you should be in your Sunday's best. I love that I found these tuxedo bottoms that matched my blazer perfectly. I've always been the classic type with pops of color. Can you tell how adventurous I am? Jeka is more daring in her fashion choices. I love how she combines prints and fabrics. Do you recognize her floral top from a previous post? What makes her top special is that it belonged to our precious mom. See it here. Do you all think fashion depicts your personality, tell us why! I'll be Instagramming my special moments in PR, so be sure to follow me for those, (link below). See you all from the Island of enchantment! 


Calvin Klein Tuxedo pant | XXII Blazer & mustard tank | DKNY Navy handbag 

Floral top - thrifted | XXII button up | Leggings H&M | Shoes Merona 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Year

We turned 1 yesterday! It seems like its been more than a year since we started blogging because this journey has been so great. We've met so many people and done so many things. We have some great things happening for us that we're so excited about and we can't wait to share with all of you. We know this is where we're meant to be. Fashion has always been part of our lives since probably about 13 years old and its a privilege to share a small part of us with you all. Thank you to all of those that has stuck by us from beginning and of course those who are just finding us now. We want you to grow with us! 

This is a short post from our usual, its just a little something to hold you over til Sunday. Check out some Blogiversary dinner pics on our instagram (links below). 

Cheers to you and more years at La Maison Deux! 

Jeke and Jeka

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flowers in the Garden

If you know us well, we're not much of a bright colors type of girls. Its winter in NYC, who wears colors? Nonetheless, we thought we'd break away from the concrete jungle's dress code and bring some brightness to a cold, gloomy day. We were also on a shoot with an upcoming plus model all day so we snuck in some photos, at this point we were both exhausted and freezing, not sure if you cant tell in our faces. Many people will ask why Jeka has been wearing leggings more often and if you follow either of us on Instagram (links below) you'd know that we're both on a fitness journey and basically nothing fits. Yay! for us but clothes are getting scarce so we make do with what we can. Stay with us and follow how we make our bigger clothes, flatter for those princesses who are struggling as well. In fashion there is always a way!

Jeka & Jeke

 Jeke: NY & Company yellow blazer, Target floral pant, Calvin Klein top, Strawberry flats.
Jeka: Calvin Klein jacket, Forever 21+ roll tab blouse, H&M leggings, ASOS stud ankle boots 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Best and Worst: Oscars 2013

Just like that, awards season has come to an end but the red-carpet fashion stays forever. While we weren't amazed by the carpet this year there were a few that stood out for us.

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta was one of very few who went for the old Hollywood look last night We love the powder blue against her pale skin and ginger hair. Everything was very simple but it was such a quiet elegance.

Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab Couture. Everything is right about this look, even the hair behind her ear.

Halle Berry in custom Versace. We'd first like to mention that Halle Berry is 46 years old and everyone always complains about her going practically naked to award shows. We never complain, she hot and she can flaunt it. This ensemble lets us forget the disaster she wore at the Globes. See Halle? You can be sexy without being naked!

Jessica Chastain in Armani Privé is flawless. This gown hugs her body in all the right ways. Though she wasn't a winner last night, she looks absolutely golden.

Jennifer Garner in Gucci was another who took a risk. Some are not of fan of the bustle but she definitely wore this look correctly. She wore the dress, the dress didn't wear her.

Sally Field in Valentino Couture. Ok, so pretty much all of the stars should be ashamed that Sally is probably one of the best dressed at the Oscars. She is very much covered up but she looks stunning.

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture (clearly she wasn't going to wear another designer) shows off her pixie cut. We definitely sense a trend here, we're waiting on who else will do the big chop. Charlize looks very sleek and long and she's perfect so there really isnt much too say here, is there?

Ok now on to the good stuff...

Anne Hathaway in Prada. Tsk tsk, we never thought we'd see the day that she would be in our worst dressed. It isn't that the gown is horrible its the garment construction and that unnecessary necklace she is wearing. This dress could have done without the side seams, should have be about 1/2 inch longer and those awful bust darts should have been lowered because her boobs look like cones. Yeah, we said boobs. Bewbs.

Melissa McCarthy in custom David Meister. It appears to be jersey fabric or a grey trash bag? There really are no words. There are plus size designers out there that will make you a spectacular gown or you can always get a non-established one, like Jeka. CALL US!

Kirsten Stewart in Reem Acra. Leave it to KStew to ruin a perfectly gorgeous gown. The issue isnt that she showed up in crutches, the issue is that she rolled out of bed, decided not to shower, brush her hair or wear concealer for that matter and then decided to throw on a gown. GIRL WHAT?! SOMEONE GET HER A BRUSH! She had such a great awards season last year and shes just taking one giant step back with this. It really annoys us how she tries so hard at not trying hard. Hey, if you hate Hollywood so much, get another profession!

Rant over.

Jeka & Jeke

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love @ First Click

It all started with Catfish. As most you already know, we're on twitter and through fellow blogger CeCe of The Big Girl Blog, the weekly #catfish convo commenced. How could you not love Catfish, btw? Every episode is like a mini-anxiety attack just hoping that the one they fell in love with via interwebs is really who they say they are. We are all hoping for that maybe because we hope for that for ourselves.

The lovely lady behind the twitter handle @eFlirtexpert, is author Laurie Davis who actually is, an expert at e-flirting. She has worked with nearly a thousand clients since the launch of her consultancy. Who wouldn't want advice from the girl who found love on Twitter?! How could you not fall in love with Laurie? She's a sweetheart! She is the prime example of the possibility that maybe love isn't waiting for you on the train.
Laurie decided to pen down all the rules for the ultimate guide for online dating (for those of us sitting, waiting, wishing...in our jammies) with the ever so clever title, "Love @ First Click".

We've haven't finished the book yet but she has some AMAZING tips on mistakes that I'm sure we've all made even when dating IRL. Its a fun read and straight to the point! At the launch she gave us several tips for first dates that we may just put into practice. Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating can be found on Amazon and its also available on kindle.

Since Laurie signed our copies after we already ordered one, we're going to do a giveaway for one lucky lady/man looking for love. All you have to do is contact us via FB, Twitter, Tumblr or comment below telling us if you have or haven't tried online dating and did it work for you. We can't wait to read your responses. Pics at the Love at First Sip event at DavidsTea are below as well as a mini-photo op of our outfits.

Jeka & Jeke

 Jeka: Fashion to Figure striped blazer, Charlotte Russe tank, Calvin Klein straight leg pants.
Jeke: Forever 21 tuxedo lapel blazer, Calvin Klein stripe tunic, Ashley Stewart leggings.